Doga Naz Cebeci

”I’m daughter of Mother Nature. Natural born observer. Part time painter. From my eyes: design is a tool to have a life journey by expressing myself. I’m taking my power from my dreams that always keeps me motivated.My energy for my job almost has no limits because when I work, I’m feeling like a child who is playing her favourite game or an adult who is fighting for her passion. In this world it’s a sin to be not inspired. ”

Doga Naz Cebeci, born in turkey in 1990. She graduated from Interior architecture and environmental design. Between 2012 – 2014 She worked as a Furniture Designer in Karden Interior Design Atelier — Ankara / TURKEY.She learnt a lot of things about creating, constructing, manufacturing all type of furniture in that atelier. After her graduation she moved to Italy, to explore new borders about design and yachts. After she completed her master degree in Politecnico di Milano about yacht design, She was so lucky to find the chance to learn main features about yachts from Stefane Carugno — Gloss Design.

Furthermore her first steps to yacht design field, she started her career at Alberto Mancini Design Studio which helped her to learn a lot about Yachting Industry, various design approaches. She had to chance to learn about all process of executive design projects for shipyards as, Overmarine Mangusta.

Naz Doga Cebeci aka Fancy by DADA , currently collaborating with various shipyards and design studios to create fancy designs.